Parisian Week Trend: Hidden Surprises

were beautiful fashions, unique decorating ideas and eye-catching trends at the
Salon du Mariage at the Carrousel du Louvre. But there was also something…else. Everything had a little something…extra. Whether it was a layer, a
removable train, a stunning hemline or a fun way to present favors, the Salon
was like a treasure hunt full of "Hidden Surprises!"


Big, beautiful ball gowns straight out of a fairy tale were draped in layers of
tulle, accented with silk flowers and feathers, shimmering with sparkles. And
then the magic continued — those skirts could be removed once the grand
entrance was over and the party began!

Even traditional gowns had a little bit of flair…and a lot of dare! Gowns
were beautifully styled with all the trimmings in the front, but when they were
turned around — Wow! The bare, the bling…beautifully daring!

The favorite decorating accent? Glass cloches. Small ones were used to top tiny
floral arrangements holding place cards. Mixed sizes and shapes were clustered
as centerpieces, topping objects that matched the theme (flowers, seashells,
etc.). Big ones covered stacked goodies on cake plates. Hidden under glass, the
treats were even more enticing!

Demure for the ceremony, still beautiful for the party — all it takes is a wrap
in an eye-popping color that can be removed later to show the details of the

Like the lavish layers of tulle in this skirt aren't enough, there are silken
flowers and butterflies hidden among the folds. How secret-garden sweet!

The best of both worlds — a dress that's short and stylish in front with a long
train in back that still feels "bridal."

do these trends translate to your wedding? Add little surprises — from
invitations to favors — to keep guests delighted throughout your entire

little peek-a-boo and a LOT fashion-forward! Our Zoe invitation
is held in a clear, plastic wrap accented with bright white flowers.

Zoe layered wedding invitation

beautiful wrap and a lavish ribbon — opening this Lindsey invitation is like unwrapping a gift!  PLUS – you get to select the folder color, inside invitation card, and ribbon color, and personalize to fit the formality with your choice of design, fonts and ink colors.

Lindsey layered wedding invitations

the short-long hemline dress caught your eye, you'll LOVE this "Regal
Presentation" wedding invitation
from Monique Lhuillier. The short-fold, embossed jacket and two ribbons make a
definite fashion statement.Monique Lhuillier Regal Presentation wedding invitations

looks like a cake — but it's really a circle of beautiful, wedge favor boxes
Display them on a cake plate and hide candies, nuts, a gourmet chocolate or
mints inside to complete the surprise treat. They're also available in mocha
to coordinate with your wedding.

Embossed White Wedge Favor Boxes

a little touch, but it will mean so much — add this tiny memory bouquet

to your bouquet to keep good thoughts of a loved one close to your heart during
the ceremony.

Memory Bouquet Frames

you and your groom will know that underneath that elegant exterior is a Wild
Thing! Be a little daring and wear an animal print garter under your gorgeous gown for a touch of fun.

animal print garters

the surprise-in-the-back look? Check out our brand new invitations featuring
printing on the front AND the back! They're not only stylish, they're a great
value — you can print all your reception information on the back, eliminating
the need for a separate card. These invitations are coming soon to the website;
look for them after the first of the year.


revoir — until Friday’s Parisian post (which will have you dazzled)!

Jean M Wedding Invitations and Accessories

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