Start with $5 — and look at how creative you can make your favors!

Have we ever told you how much we love creating unique favors? Well, we do. We love it! And when we can pass on great ideas to you that don’t cost a fortune, we’re even happier.


Take these beautiful ideas, for example. They all start with one affordable, basic ingredient: the cellophane favor bag. They are just $5.00 per package and allow you to get so creative! Just look at what you can do…


1. Fresh, wintry favors! Blue and white candy sticks in cellophane bags are tied with ribbon and accented with a seal  printed with a snowflake design.

2. Tee time! Use cellophane bags to package everything guys will need for a pre-wedding round of golf: a ball, some tees, a cigar and a personalized boxes of matches.  Top with a place card that acts as a favor tag.

3. The cellophane bags  are clear so you can make a statement with the color of candy you fill the bags with. Add a place card printed as a favor tag — and don’t forget coordinating ribbon!

4. Top your treat-filled cellophane bags  with our ribbon favor tags for a pretty finishing touch.

5. All it takes is a beautiful ribbon and a personalized tag printed in a coordinating ink color to turn a humble cellophane bag filled with mixed nuts into a stunning favor.

6. Mmmmm…chocolate! Make your favor candy even more tempting by accenting the cellophane bag it’s packaged in with wide grosgrain ribbon and a brown favor tag  printed in white ink.

7.  Cellophane bags are perfect for wrapping up unique favors, like homemade cookies. Seal the bags with printed stickers for a fun look.

8. Send guests into the winter night with a little warmth! Fill cellophane bags  with a candle, personalized matches  and some sparkling tinsel for them to enjoy later. Top the bags with place cards printed as favor cards.

9. Make simple favor treats “pop” by lining your cellophane bags  with colorful scrapbook paper. Use ribbon and favor tags to coordinate.




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