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Opal Inspiration – October’s Gemstone of the Month

October is filled with fiery colors and sudden changes in weather. That’s why the opal is the perfect gem for this month! Opals put on a beautiful display of iridescent colors. Blue, pink and green flash as you hold the gem to the light or wear it in rings, necklaces, earrings and other jewelry.

Loyalty, confidence and luck are some of the qualities that have been associated with opals over the centuries. Which also makes the opal a unique wedding theme!

Jean M gives you ideas for a wedding inspired by opals, October's gem.An opal wedding theme should be filled with iridescence, shimmering accents and flashes of color. Start off with a wedding invitation you can customize to the color you want, like my Pretty Dots Wedding Invitation. Add softly colored candies to my White Shimmer Lidded Favor Boxes for a glowing accent.

Then focus on your flowers and décor. Bouquets and floral arrangements with white as a basis and shades of unique color will mimic an opal’s beauty. Fill your ceremony and reception with iridescent decorations like streamers, glass beads, glass ornaments and more. Include unique lighting at your reception. Swirling white and colorful lights will make you and your guests feel like you’re inside an opal itself!

Enjoy the opal wedding inspiration!

Images – Ring:, Bouquet:, Iridescent décor:

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Romantic garden wedding inspiration

Heading to the garden to say your vows? There are so many wedding color options to choose from! The first thing to decide on is the season of the event, and this will help you come up with a color palette and look.

I got inspired by the soft and romantic colors in Butterfly Blossoms Wedding Invitation and created a garden wedding theme based on them.

Jean M's Butterfly Blossoms Wedding Invitation inspires this look.This would be the perfect wedding invitation for a spring wedding or summer wedding with natural touches. The aqua blue background on the wedding invitation can become your wedding color, with pale pink and fresh green for accents. Then look for “elegant rustic” decorating items!

Go with loose flower arrangements in galvanized pails for centerpieces and venue decorations. Then bring in things you’d find in a romantic garden – birdcages, garden gates, rope swings, vintage rakes adorned with flowers, lattice arbors – and create a unique setting for your garden wedding celebration!

Enjoy the romantic garden wedding inspiration!

Images: Garden gate image from, garden cake from, flower truck and pink bouquet from, swing from

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Sapphire Inspiration – September’s Gemstone of the Month

You know the blue of the September sky – that clear, intense blue? Maybe that’s why the gemstone of September is the blue sapphire!

Sapphires traditionally stand for truth, sincerity and faithfulness. So when you blend that beautiful blue with that deep meaning, sapphire can be the perfect color for your wedding!

Planning a jewel tone blue wedding? Here are some ideas!

Sapphire blue wedding invitations and jewel tone ideas from Jean M.Start things off in a glamorous way with my Blue Shimmer Wedding Invitation – the shimmer, the rich color and a colorful envelope will tell guests that a beautiful and unique wedding is in store.

Then start adding in sapphire blue to your wedding in a big way…

• blue bridesmaids’ dresses

• blue shoes

• blue decorations

• blue frosting flowers on your cake

blue favor boxes

…or in little pops of color to a neutral color like white, silver or black…

• blue accents to your white bouquet

• cute blue boutonnieres on the guys’ lapels

sheer blue ribbon adding elegance to flowers, favors and more

For the finishing touch, drop hints about how nice it would be to have a sapphire ring or other sapphire jewelry to wear on your wedding day!

Enjoy the sapphire blue wedding ideas!

Images: Dresses:, Shoes:, Cake: the, Bouquet:, Boutonniere:, Ring:

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Seasonal weddings are stylish and beautiful!

The changing of seasons throughout the year is a magical process. Each season brings new landscapes, colors, feelings and moods. If you have decided to plan your wedding with a seasonal theme in mind, you have decided to include that special magic in your wedding day. Here is some advice on how to highlight the specific seasons in your wedding.

Spring symbolizes new beginnings – what a perfect time of year to hold a wedding! Decorate with what’s budding, like tulips and peonies, and set a fresh tone for your wedding. I love the look of pastels for spring weddings.

Summer shows that your love is blooming! Plan an outdoor wedding to take advantage of the beauty of nature in summertime. Choose bring colors to mimic the colors of the garden.

Help your guests keep warm at your outdoor fall wedding.Fall weddings are cozy and romantic. I think of deep autumn tones like brown, burgundy, green and gold for fall wedding colors. Also add in natural elements like leaves, berries and the bounty of the harvest (wheat, pumpkins, gourds, etc.) for decorations.

Winter weddings are more versatile than you think – ANY color scheme will work and make your wedding warm and romantic. Go with traditional red and green, or make your wedding unique with a silver and blue or a jewel tone and gold color scheme.

Enjoy the seasonal wedding planning inspiration!

Image Credit: Fall Image – Ryan Berkowitz Photography | Winter, Spring, Summer Images – Robert Evans Studios

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Real Wedding: “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

Cold temperatures, wind and rain meant this couple’s planned outdoor May wedding in the park became a ceremony in the family’s church. But their love shone through the gloomy weather and made the day bright and beautiful despite the change in plans!

Liz and Justin created a Breakfast at Tiffany’s wedding with an aqua blue color scheme, glistening accents and a lot of romance. Just take a look at how lovely and special the color and personal touches made the celebration!

A beautiful "Breakfast at Tiffany's" wedding in blue and white.Liz incorporated aqua blue into her attire in unique and meaningful ways. She wore a handmade hair comb and aqua shoes to add romantic style to her attire. She also wore a sparkling bracelet and an heirloom emerald ring from her grandmother. Her bouquet was tied with aqua ribbons and included a memorial wrench in honor of her grandfather.

The wedding ceremony was very meaningful, as it included the couple’s son — the honorary best man!

Aqua blue was carried through to the table settings and the reception in keeping with the Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme. Silver candleholders and sculpted white candles gave off a glamorous glow. Liz and Justin shared their love by donating to a local cause instead of giving guests favors.

Congratulations, Liz and Justin, on your beautiful wedding and your marriage!

Enjoy the Breakfast at Tiffany’s wedding ideas!

Photos: Red Shoe Gallery

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Peridot Inspiration – August’s Gemstone of the Month

August days are sultry and the world is a lush, vibrant green. That must be why the beautiful peridot has become August’s gem! The peridot symbolizes love, faithfulness and beauty, and that also makes it the perfect inspirational color for your wedding.

Planning a green wedding? Here are some ideas for adding peridot green to your special day!

August's gemstone peridot inspires a green wedding theme.Your wedding invitation can subtly or boldly introduce your wedding color. Choose my Swirling Filigree Wedding Invitation in Cloverleaf with an elegant sweep of green printed beside your wording. Or, go bold with my Detailed Floral Wedding Invitation in green to show that your wedding will be lush and beautiful. Then add sparkle to everything from wedding invitations to favor boxes with olive rhinestones.

Follow through with green bridesmaid dresses, a unique wedding bouquet of green flowers and succulents. And be sure to show off your green wedding shoes!

Enjoy the peridot green wedding inspiration!

Image Credit: Peridot Shoes, Green Bouquet, Peridot Bridesmaid Dress

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Countdown to Ultimate Wedding Contest Winner Candace’s wedding!

There’s only a month to go until our wedding contest winner, Candace, walks down the aisle to say, “I do!” Here’s a sneak peek at the accents she’s adding to her wedding, from welcome bags to reception.

Destination wedding ideas from Wedding Contest Winner Candace.Candace and her fiancé, Lorenzo, love to travel. Their travel theme wedding will be a “passport to love” theme from beginning to end!

They’re welcoming guests to their hotel rooms with local treats tucked into welcome boxes, which are closed with custom printed stickers with a map design. Map design napkins and information cards will set the tone for the wedding weekend. And through the wedding décor, Candace is adding travel theme accents like maps, vintage travel books, starfish and compasses.

We’ve just heard that Candace had a lovely wedding shower, which her mom came to and helped with. She also told us that she’s dreaming in pink – flowers from fuchsia to blush and every shade in between will make her wedding romantic!

Want to know more about Candace and Lorenzo’s wedding?

Here’s the announcement of the contest winners.

Here are more details about her wedding planning meeting with me to decide on how she’ll use her prize.

Enjoy the wedding sneak peek!

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Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Princess: Snow White

Your fairy tale wedding deserves to be introduced by nothing less than a Disney Fairy Tale Weddings invitation!

Don’t you just love this red wedding theme inspired by Snow White?

Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Apple Blossom Wedding Invitation Snow WhiteThe Apple Blossoms Wedding Invitation – Snow White is covered in embossed apple blossoms to hint at the Snow White’s magical apple. It’s a unique fairy tale wedding invitation you can add to any red and white wedding theme!

Enjoy the ©Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Snow White inspiration!

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Ruby inspiration: July’s Gemstone of the Month

It’s July, and things are warming up. And it makes sense that the ruby — it symbolizes power and heat, love and passion — is the gemstone of the month!

Bright red wedding colors signal a fun and festive celebration of love. Whether you add just a touch of red to a black and white wedding or make sure red is the primary color of the day, you’ll be creating an elegant and sophisticated look.

July's ruby gemstone inspires a red wedding theme.Start off with red wedding invitations to announce your bold wedding style. My red shimmer wedding invitations allow you to mix and match layers and pockets for custom style with a touch of sparkle. My Bold Double Border Wedding Invitation lets you frame your invitation wording in bold red on a black and white background for crisp style. You can even jazz up a plain invitation with red rhinestones for just a touch of gem-like shine.

Then add red throughout the rest of your wedding! Choose accessories like ruby-red shoes, a red signature cocktail, red roses and for the ultimate in special treatment – a red carpet leading up to your reception site.

Enjoy the ruby wedding inspiration!

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Spring wedding color inspiration: salmon pink

Spring weddings call for colors that are fresh, soft and oh-so-pretty. But “pastel” doesn’t have to mean “pale” — take a look here and see what I mean!

Brighten your spring wedding with salmon pink wedding colors.I’m so inspired by the shades of salmon I’ve been seeing for spring weddings this year. It’s not quite orange, not yet pink, but a beautiful blend of the two colors that allows for such bright softness. Accent it with green for a garden look, creamy whites or silver to make the salmon wedding color “pop” or with black for drama.

The black and salmon wedding color scheme on my Flower Style Wedding Invitation in Salmon shows you what I mean by drama, but with such romance that it’s not brash or bold. What a lovely way to introduce your spring wedding colors!

Be sure to carry your salmon wedding colors through to every part of your wedding for a touch of surprise — like salmon wedding shoes, a bouquet of salmon pink spring flowers and an ombré-style frosted wedding cake.

Enjoy the spring wedding colors!

Image credit: coral wedding,,


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