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One Sweet Week – Treat your groom to a cake of his own!

easy to get caught up the frills and the beauty of wedding cake planning. But
don’t forget an important person who deserves a cake of his own — your groom!


sky’s the limit when coming up with a theme for your groom’s cake. Think about
his hobbies, the sports teams he loves, his profession, his pet and then ask
your baker to get creative and design a cake your groom will love digging into
with the guys!


are some fun ideas and some questions to get you thinking about what kind of
cake to design for YOUR groom.

Grooms Cake Ideas
photos: Get Married)


Does he play sports or still cheer for his alma mater’s team (Arkansas
Razorbacks or Georgia Bulldogs, anyone)? Put the mascot on the cake and bring
back lots of memories.


Is he a gambling man or does he love to travel? Come up with a cake theme that
shows his adventurous side.


Are you wine lovers? A grape- and wine-themed cake will be perfect!


Is he an avid fisherman? Show it on his cake, and you’re sure to remind him
that you’re his best catch ever!


Is he a student or a teacher? He’ll love hitting the books when they’re on a
cake this sweet!


Have you just bought your first home, or is he a realtor? Build a cake from
that theme!


Does he have a sweet tooth? Recreate his favorite treat on his cake and you’ll
have him smiling!


What’s his profession? Bring in elements of his work into the cake (think:
carpenter, fireman, writer, computer whiz, etc.)


Photos: 1. Leslie
Maynor; 2. Creative Cakes; 3. Gloria Slaughter Photography; 4. Anne's Cake Pen;
5. Couture Cakes by A Bountiful Harvest; 6. Arden Photography; 7. Anne's Cake
Pen; 8. Couture Cakes by A Bountiful Harvest; 9. Red Shoe Gallery.


Pulling the whole
groom’s cake theme together.

Grooms dinner ideas 

you’ve decided on the theme and design for your groom’s cake, add fun elements
that will create a great experience!


Let’s say your man’s favorite drink is a Jack and Coke. The cake could be a
barrel of whiskey…


2.  you could print cocktail napkins with his favorite drink recipe…


and you could give groomsmen a great gift of a personalized flask and a flared glass full of delicious treats.


Photo: 1. Anne's Cake



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Tomorrow we’re all about being unique — stop back!

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